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jacki long

You have such a great eye, Carol. You always pick such great selections for us. Thank you!

Vicki in Michigan

I read somewhere, once upon a time, that most people have trouble viewing their future self as *them*.

Hence so many people's failure to save money for the future, etc.

Good for you for working to make life better for your future self, by doing stuff now that will make you feel better in the future. May I work, at least part of the time, on following your example! :-)

Joan Coats

Could you please discuss how you prepare your succulents for over wintering? I live in Wisconsin and have a large pot outside with 7 different succulents growing together.


Thank you Jacki!

Vicki I am much better at saving money than I am doing physical labor.

Joan: my method of wintering over is to take cuttings from the plants I want to keep and putting them in soil and bringing them inside. I take small cuttings. My outdoor pots are too heavy to try and carry in. But you could always bring your whole pot indoors if you have a spot for it. I am not an expert in any of this :-)

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