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Janet G

One can never have too many ideas! My mother died at the age of 83-she was an artist-when we went to her house this is what we found: reeds for making a basket soaking in the bathtub; a small art quilt on a frame that she had designed and was making for a great grandchild: her old singer featherweight sewing machine set up on the table for some unknown project and a house full of handmade baskets. paintings she had made; fabulous hand embroidered clothes---so much art-she was full of ideas and projects her whole life. She lived her life to the fullest!


Janet, I loved reading about your mom! Carol

Vicki in Michigan

"thinking about all the things that I could do"

I spent a blissful couple of hours in a big Dick Blick store one time, imagining being the person who needed All The Paint Colors, or the person who needed a printing press, or the person who needed a gallon of spackle, or the person who needed dozens of square canvases to paint on, or the person who needed all the colors of colored pencils (and sketchbooks to draw in).....

I wandered up and down the aisles, just imagining making So Many Things, in each of So Many Different Media.



Vicki: a kindred spirit :-). we don't have dick blick stores around here but I have enjoyed my field trips there in LA.

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