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Chris Oliveira

My favorite cartoon is Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol. The retro artwork is just beautiful. We also enjoy Scrooge the musical, George C. Scott’s Scrooge, and Henry Winkler’s American Christmas carol. Seeing a pattern? Also love other traditional ones: you’ll shoot your eye out, It’s a Wonderful Life, etc.

Michelle Weatherson

The Syrup Cake looks delish! As to Christmas movies, if you haven't seen 'Last Christmas' with Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke from 'Game of Thrones,' please check it out. It's a sweet rom/com that came out in 2019. Some chuckles and some tears. I liked it far more than I thought I would--even my husband liked it.


Thanks Chris! just added Mr. Magoo to the list.


Michelle: "Last Christmas" sounds perfect! thank you, carol

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