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Amy in Texas

A hike on Christmas sounds lovely. If you were to take it here in Texas you’d need to wear shorts. Expected to be near 80 on Christmas Day! Where’s winter?

Dianne King

Staggeringly beautiful photos, Carol! Thanks for an uplifting start to my day!

We have returned from Australia to Glen Ellen, California, where it's been chilly and rainy. Sounds like we have escaped the latest heat wave in New South Wales, so that's lucky.

Hoping for some clear skies and sunny days here soon. I need to get out and about with my camera!

Merry Christmas,

jacki long

So beautiful!

Karen Scudder

Beautiful pictures? The gulls were diving for fish. We see the gulls and pelicans do this every day on the Outer Banks.

Karen Scudder

Okay, not a supposed to be a question mark after beautiful pictures! They are!



Oh how I love the outer banks. Merry Merry Christmas to YOU.


Kathy Stewart

Epic photos. We are expecting snow and temperatures in the teens and 20’s starting on Christmas Day.. I’m not sure which one of us is better off!

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