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jacki long

I so love how you enjoy each holiday and celebrate life. Bravo~!

Chris Oliveira

Merry Christmas to you and Chris!


Merry Christmas. Thank you for writing your blog... it's always a treat to "hear" from you.

Debbie Jordan

I have been wondering how you are doing at work and am not surprised by your post. It is tragic so many are dying needlessly. There is such an easy fix available. I feel very sorry for all who like you work in healthcare and are doing everything they can to help and who are often criticized and attacked for trying to help. Some days must be particularly draining.
On a more cheerful note—I loved your little trees from last year and now have a small forest of my own. My neighbour loves them and I am trying to convince her that cables aren't difficult. I am determined she will have a small forest of her own next Xmas. Next up are some elves. I also have a bunch of pumpkins to display in the fall. Love these small projects that don't take all winter! Thanks for the inspiration.


My favorite book to read each Christmas Eve is A Christmas Memory, a memoir by Truman Capote. It's about fruitcake and friendship and so much more. Merry Christmas!


Debbie: so glad you are passing the forest along. As soon as your neighbor does one they will need more, that's the nature of them.

Maureen: have not heard of this book but will check it out. Sounds very interesting.

Merry Merry Christmas Jacki Chris, Emie, Maureen and Debbie!


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