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Janet G

I always like your book reviews-I read this book so long ago I really don't remember it-maybe I should read it again. I used to keep a book list of all the books I read each year. I've gotten lazy the past few years and haven't read much but my New Years resolution is to get back to reading. I just got a big stack of books from the library (I like real books-not reading on a kindle) and I'm reading again!

jeanette sclar

Book recommendation:
Good Eggs by Rebecca Hardiman....especially great to listen to, because of the Irish accents. I aspire to be just like the grandmother of this family. Laughs, worries, sadness, but a great family portrait with plenty of uplift.


Sounds like a winner. Going on my list!
Thanks! Carol


Janet: I have really gotten back into reading at night before bed … religiously. And there is nothing like bringing home a stack of books from the library

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