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jacki long

Wow! It is wonderful, Carol.
I really like your combination of colors, Bravo!

Terri W.

Your quilt is amazing, and the strip down the back is a perfect touch. You were right to reverse course. I've hand quilted one quilt and it took me literally YEARS to finish as I would get fed up and put it away again and again. Go for the quick reward!

Kathy Barrow

The quilt is spectacular!! You are so right that no matter how you quilt and bind it...once it's washed and has that crinkly look...your heart will melt with happiness every time you look at it. Congrats on a wonderful project that's nearly done!


If you have a walking foot for your machine, it's pretty easy to do. I've done three twin-size quilts all on my own. Were they perfect? No. But good enough that I was happy with the results. You can do it! I totally love your quilt, BTW, I would have never thought to use those combinations of fabric, but they look so great together.


I just realized I should clarify, a walking foot is for straight-line quilting. If you want to do squigglies or anything roundish shaped you need to do free-motion quilting, there are lots of YouTube tutorials.

Chris Oliveira


Dianne King

I absolutely LOVE this quilt, Carol! Could you share what dimensions the striped blocks are? I'd like to make something similar. Am I right that the black dots on white are finished at 1" and the white dots on black at 2"? How big will the finished quilt be? And where, where, where did you find all those glorious Kaffe Fassett striped fabrics? I've searched and searched, but it seems they are gone now...boo-hoo!


Terri: I knew it could take me years and that I could NOT tolerate :-) thanks for endorsing my plan.


Thank you Jacki, Chris, and Kathy!


Dianne: I am going to contact you by email with more details. I started to respond but it's confusing! The pattern is "spots and stripes" and is available at Sarah's fabrics www.sarahsfabrics.com


Annie: thank you for suggestions. all the fabrics and the pattern is from Sarahs Fabrics in Lawrence - website listed in previous response.


It’s your prerogative to change your mind! There are NO quilting police. In the words of Jenny Dian, finished is better than perfect. 💜

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