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Chris Oliveira

We are a group with diverse interests. Diane and I are enjoying our online art journaling class called Wanderlust 2022. Different artists teach the lessons, and a new one comes out every Friday. It’s a year long adventure! Arlene and I were both involved in a wonderful book making class called The Magpie’s Nest. Madonna has been knitting and sewing her heart out. Eileen is fully immersed in her small watercolor paintings. Jen is doing the 100 day project, drawing and collaging funny little faces. Inki has a gorgeous slow stitching book project!

Kathy B

My group is diverse as well. Some focus on only one genre...cross stitch, knitting, needlepoint, crochet, weaving, tatting, beading, journal making, quilting, bowl making, punch needle embroidery. The beautiful thing is there's always a mentor to help the newbie, there's always praise for the effort, and support for 'trying something out of my comfort zone.' I'm definitely one who wants to try new things...but I return to my love of extemporaneous quilt making quite often. Just being around creative women excites my love of learning & creating!!


Chris and Kathy: Oh I love hearing about what you all and your groups are doing. What a wonderful thing to have creative friends to cheer, inspire, and teach us!


There is something so meditative about Sashiko. It's also very portable with just a small bag of supplies. It makes the best project for talking to appointments when you may be waiting a bit.


Emie: I am looking forward to beginning a Sashiko project. I need to do some patching that seems like a good place to start.

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