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Becky Haynes

Bless you for the important, compassionate, taxing work you do. My daughter is a hospice nurse so I have seen what you are talking about. Both quotes are powerful and are the way I wish we would all live.

Chris Oliveira

What beautiful people there are in this hard world. Angels are real.

Angie Ares

Beautiful. Thank you for all you do. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Linda Watson

This is being copied into my journal. Thank you.


This sounds like an incredibly meaningful and powerful conference. Thank you for sharing such impactful insights with us, for trusting us with part of your story. I am so grateful for the highly committed, educated, wise, and kind medical staff who serve our world. I see you.

jacki long

Thanks Carol, a wonderfulpost ofgreat thoughts to ponder.


Thank you for sharing with us.

Kathy B

What a thoughtful and thought provoking post. Thank you! When my dear husband died some years ago, it was the palliative care nurses & chaplains who held my hand and spoke truth in the face of great devastation. Today, I am grateful for folks like you...who stand in that holy & hard space and offer presence, compassion and truth.

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