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Kathy B

...a carefully curated collection...nothing wrong with that!!!

jacki long

My teacher once told me I was like a geranium. I was hurt, couldn't I be a tulip orsomething fancy? Later he said, geraniums are good, they bloom easy and don't require tending.

Debbie Jordan

I love your collection of plants and do-dads especially the chair. I just stick a plant in a pot and consider it done. I need to up my game.

Chris Oliveira

Beautiful! We can only plant geraniums in our backyard as the critters eat everything else.


Chris, I do know about the critters and have done battle with my share of squirrels.


Jacki the geranium! it has a nice ring to it :-)


Debbie: once you start you will never look back. Grandmothers, great aunts, aunts, moms, cool uncles, will all want to share... knowing YOU will be enjoying their "treasures" for years to come.

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