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Mary Hennessey

I was so glad to read your post just now and hear that you are doing well post-op and home where you can recover in your own *digsl.It is really pretty amazing how we come to the place where we readers feel like we “we really know” you when we only have snippets of your life…but the snippets,the stories you tell,the beautiful pictures of your corner of Kansas and some of the adventures you and Chris,your family and friends embark on are really enjoyable to read about. I send you good wishes for a fast recovery!! Mary in Colorado

Becky Haynes

I concur with Mary…what a relief to read your outgoing message from Tall Tales Headquarters! Just enjoy your coffee, good food and well wishes and soak up the care you’re receiving. You have certainly shown others that kind of care! Now it’s your turn. 😁 Heal well! ❤️


I'm so happy to hear all went well and that you are recovering at home. It's like you have become a good friend & we all care about you & how you are doing. I hope you & 007 have a long & healthy life together! Sending good vibes for a speedy recovery.

Angie Ares

Wonderful news! So happy that all went well. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery :)


So glad you’re doing well. Recovery is hard work, and so much about attitude and willingness to do what needs to be done. Enjoy being pampered, soon enough you’ll be up doing laps around the neighborhood.


Glad to hear this! 😊

Chris Oliveira

I echo what others have said - you have become more than just a stranger on the internet, and I am so happy to see your post this morning! There was never a doubt in my mind that you would do great, and look at you - already switching to a cane! I love that you received the excellent nursing care you deserve. And I love that you named your hip 007. I wish you healing every day.


I was happy to hear from you this, and glad to know that you are doing well. Continued best wishes!


Glad you are home and doing well. I see that you have Ms. Drew to keep you company. She will provide some good inspiration, I'm sure. I look forward to hearing about your progress!

jacki long

Continues smooth healing, from what I know of you, you'll be flying soon. I gave up my walker early too, as I felt so vulnerable like that last gazelle being chased by a mama lion.Love and prayers, Carol.


Jacki: thanks for a great visual that made me laugh! carol


Joan: Dottie sent me the Nancy Drew book. We LOVED them as kids! Nice "light" reading. Just what I need.


Thank every one of YOU for your love and support. It is wonderful.

Diane Perin

And a Nancy Drew book nearby! So glad you are continuing to heal!

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