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jacki long

Your future hip replacement will be a snap! From the pain you have to nothing, no pain at all, not to say the physical therapy isn't tough but nothing c0mpared to where you are now.For me, R-hip 2000, L hip 2004 and no problems, I still do Karate.


Jacki: sending you lots of hearts for all this encouragement!


Good luck to you carol with your hip replacement. I’ve been there with hip (and shoulder and part of my spine). How lucky we are to live in a time when these things can be fixed.

Sarah S

The pudding post made me look up the recipe and I'm planning on making it too! Spread the love!


Lovely post! A while ago I read about a non religious person making her own sort of rosary and every night she touches a bead and recalls something nice someone did for her or something good that happened to her. She says it has improved her sleep and she wakes in a better mood. I'm about to try that myself. Finding joy and remembering gratitude are two wonderful things.


Amen Kathy! I am counting my blessings.


Phyllis: I love the idea of intentionally reflecting on the good things in day before sleep. Putting the mind in a good spot before bed. I have been enjoying Ross Gay's "Book of Delights" before bed lately.


Sarah: it says you should eat it within 10 or 12 hours of making, I am still enjoying it immensely on the 3rd night after I made it. yum.

jeanette sclar

Yikes! I have fallen far behind in my reading....so sorry to hear about your hip, but it's the "preferred" (who knew this is possible?) among my friends who have had joint replacement (one has had both!). Wishing you a rapid recovery and lots of cake and spring flowers to enjoy during your convalescence.

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