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Chris Oliveira

I wish you all the best! You will do great. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back to posting.


Wishing you the best luck, and happy healing!


Good luck! (sending healing vibes in advance!)

Jennifer Pfanmiller

Can't wait to meet your new friend;) You are going to be besties!❤️ Optimal healing and positive thoughts traveling west.


Have been enjoying your blog and beautiful photos for several years now. Hope surgery went well. Wishing you a swift and successful recovery!

jacki long

You are well prepared, Carol! And I think you will find it easier than you expect. This coming from me and my 4 total replacement, 2 shoulders just last year. Sending you love and prayers for your speedy, happy recovery. No more pain! Ta da!!


You’ve got this! And you are going to love this new hip once you are mended! Wishing you all good things!

Amy in Texas

Hope all goes well and that your have a speedy recovery!


I hope everything went as planned and that your recovery is going well! xo

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