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jacki long

I'm so happy for you, I know that feeling and the silly grin. YEA for you!

jacki long

I'm so happy for you, I know that feeling and the silly grin. YEA for you!


Interesting that you and MAM are exchanging walking info--I am collecting/reading/sharing everything I can find about it (as well as practicing ;-). I walked so much during the pandemic and want to get back to it, farther and more regularly. It's really the best thing!

Chris Oliveira

We just started walking again too. Very short and slow, but it’s a start! I’m so happy you are continuing to heal and returning to normal life. Before long, your farmers market will be starting up again!


Good to hear you are out WALKING again!! Last week my 81 year old mom (who lives in PA) visited me in California and we walked and walked (and oohed and aahed over everything... the sky, the flowers, the canyon, the mountains... clouds, trees, houses, porches, lace curtains, little paths outlined with stones...). Makes me so happy to still be able to enjoy the world with her this way, outside and on foot. For me, walking is my #1 way forward in life. My walking habits of the last 30-40 years (mostly solitary/silent) have saved me over and over. And I know firsthand the frustration of not being able to walk (foot surgery 8 years ago kept me from walking for 4-5 months). I hope your recovery continues successfully and swiftly and that each day you get to walk a little further. Happy trails!


Nancy, it sounds like you and your mom had just the best time “enjoying the world”. Isn’t it marvelous to be able to do that together. Carry on, and thanks for your well wishes! Carol


I have recently become a patient on oxygen. So I took my first (very short) walk two days ago. It wasn't just a walk, as you say. It was the spring wind, the trees blooming, the birds carrying on, etc. It was wonderful. I can now go to rehab with a bit more energy and enthusiasm. Cheers!


cheering you on Phyllis!

Sharron Carleton

Wonderful news! Walking…. not to be taken for granted …😍


Sharron: how right you are!

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