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I love Pam's pride flag! And the pony. You find houses I've never come across in OWL. Thanks for the photos.

Chris Oliveira

Did Pam make that pride flag? You’re right - it’s the best ever! And the horse is a hoot!

Diane Perin

What a nice walk! I love that pride flag! And someone thought of visitors like you who would notice and enjoy that horse. I love that.

Barbara tarbox

Are the pride flags/banners available for sale somewhere?
Your visit to the market is always a treat, glad you came upon the handsome smile trio…


Barbara and Chris: that is a "pam made" pride flag!

the horse whisperer

The horsey wants to be untied. UNTIE him now! set him free!


Dear horse whisperer: I did try to untie him but he said he likes it there and would I please leave him be, except he wanted a sugar cube so I gave him one.

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