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Kathy B

Congratulations on #13! Quite an accomplishment! I've enjoyed at least a decade of posts that have inspired, delighted and motivated me to pick up my camera, try a new (to me) sewing skill, decide to make my own journals and fill them with fun ideas, and visit my nearby farmers markets and botanical gardens. Thank you for all the wonderful, thought-provoking posts!! So glad you keep sharing. Be well.
Kathy B

Dianne King

Happy Blogversary, Carol. I so look forward to reading your blogposts! Long may they continue!

Chris Oliveira

Happy blog birthday! In honor of the occasion, I just visited your archives in April 2011. Nothing much has changed with your style and content, which is perfect, although I do miss Angie, Lewis and Clark, and the creative cocktails that have become less frequent! The first thing I do each morning is visit your blog. We have many common interests. I often say to my wife, “Carol Mulvenin said this….” She knows who that is! When you reached out to me on email after my surgery, it meant a lot to me. You feel like an old friend. I have enjoyed your company all these years and hope you continue blogging for many more. Thanks for the reason to eat cake!


Happy Blogaversary!


Congratulations on 13 years! I don't know when I started reading but I've checked daily for a long time. I really enjoy your photos and commentary and your joy in experiencing nature, art, crafts, and other activities. Looking forward to this year's farmer's market reports.


I have enjoyed every bit of every ride with you and would be bereft of my daily connection with all things Kansas and other parts of the world. I have learned about nursing , which I never expected to do...and am so very grateful for all who take this on. Congratulations on being here...I could go on and on, but I just do want you to know I do like cake.
Thank you!

PS : I paint, and read and sew and dye wool to hook rugs and travel when i can, and read your blog

Becky H.

Happy Birthday! Your blog is a beautiful gift to the world. Thank you 😊


Love your blog! It's a regular part of my morning coffee routine, and it's always a treat to find a new post. Your writing style and the topics you write about have a very centering (and inspiring!) effect on me. I had a blog way back in the spring of 2011 too, while my family lived in China. Wish I'd stuck with it as it would be a remarkable record of life. Thank you for keeping Tall Tales alive!


Nancy, Becky, Daisy, Mary, Robin, Chris, Dianne, and Kathy:
Thank you for coming to my birthday party :-)
And thanks for your kind words.

Susan Maxwell Bjerke

Happy Belated Blogaversary. I enjoy your humor, your trips to see friends and family and what the farmer's market have to offer. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for 13 years worth.

Carol Mulvenon

Thank you Susan!


13 is my lucky number and I feel lucky to have found YOU! Thanks for putting yourself (creativity! zinnias! food & beverages! books and death and family ...) out here in your perfect pocket of the internet. xo


Thank you Michelle :-)

Terri W.

Yours is one of the few blogs I still read. I tend to visit just every other month or so to catch up, which is why I'm just seeing your 13th birthday announcement. Congratulations on keeping it up, and thanks so much for sharing. I enjoy reading about your walks, the farmer's market, your projects, your friends, and especially your comments on books. Write on, please!


Thanks for reading Terri... and letting me know you still do :-)


Thanks for reading Terri... and letting me know you still do :-)

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